More than likely, not all of your online reviews will be positive. We know from experience that the customers most likely to provide you an online review are those who are extremely satisfied or extremely dissatisfied. This means you will have a disgruntled customer who leaves you a nasty online review from time to time. Don’t panic! Here’s how to handle them:

  • Don’t ignore the review.

It might be tempting to just pretend you didn’t see it, but a better strategy is to respond to the negative reviewer. A quick and professional response shows that you care about your customer’s experience.

Many sites allow vendor responses. A response to a negative review is always appropriate. Your response should be brief, and one that encourages the customer to reach out to you for resolution. Example: “I’m sorry to hear of your negative experience with our company. We’d love to discuss this in further detail. Please reach out to us at phone number or via email [email protected].

Another possibility is to contact the customer via telephone or email if their contact information is known.

If you reach a resolution with your customer, it is okay to ask them to update their online review. They may or may not chose to do so, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  • Bury the bad review in good reviews.

When you’ve received a bad review, use it as motivation to get more positive reviews. Bury the bad review in good reviews so potential customers know that most of your customer are very satisfied with your service. The more positive reviews you have, the less significant the impact of one negative review.

  • What about bad reviews from former employees?

Ordinarily speaking, you can’t delete negative reviews. However, if you receive a bad review from a disgruntled employee, you might consider attempting to have it removed. If the review has bad language, or inaccurate information, or is distasteful, you can contact the review site and they may be willing to have it removed.

If removing it isn’t an option, leave a concise and professional response to the review. Then try your best to bury it in good reviews.

  • Don’t get discouraged.

Easier said than done, but try to keep from getting disheartened. The opinion of one customer does not define you and one negative customer experience doesn’t negate all your hard work. When putting your business online to be reviewed, it is to be expected that you will get some feedback you didn’t really want. It just comes with the territory, so try to fend away discouragement.

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