As an entrepreneur who wants to establish a credible online reputation, it is crucial that you know which review sites to invest in, and which review sites to ignore. Why? Because not all review sites are created equal. Review sites can be categorized as product review sites, service review sites, or general review sites. It is recommended that you invest in two or three well-known review sites that pertain to your business.  One review site is not enough. Remember, customers who are truly trying to gain an understanding about your company and its services will likely read more than one review – they will search for your company on other review sites. To ensure the best return on investment, here is some information on the top five review sites. Hopefully this information will help you to better establish and manage your online reputation.

  1. Google reviews

Google Reviews is listed first for a reason. It is the most widely known and widely used search engine. “To Google” has become a verb – these days you customers can “google” anything. Research shows that Google reviews are tremendously impactful on customers in search for reviews, as this is a trusted and well-known resource for consumers. If you are not using Google reviews, you should strongly consider looking into it.

  1. Yelp

Customer reviews are vital to any business, because they inform potential customers about your product or service from an unbiased point of view. Customers trust online reviews because they come from other customers who have experience with your company and who have nothing to gain by providing a positive review. Yelp is regarded as a reputable review site that is widely used by consumers. Another good reason to be on Yelp? Yelp reviews are frequently quoted on other sites – for example, Yelp reviews also appear on Apple Maps.

  1. Facebook

Facebook is among the most influential sites when it comes to the number of active users. Facebook currently registers 2 billion users. The amount of traffic through Facebook on any given day is astonishing. This is why you should never underestimate the impact of comments or messages left on your company’s Facebook page. If you are not taking the initiative to have relevant reviews on your company’s Facebook page, you could be leaving thousands dollars worth of potential leads on the table. So, remain active on Facebook and don’t let it fall by the wayside.

  1. Better Business Bureau

Is your business listed on your local Better Business Bureau directory listing? If not yet, go get an application form for accreditation. Customers have a very high regard for businesses that are BBB accredited. A BBB accreditation serves as a ticket to each a customer’s trust. Once your have secured the accreditation, be sure to display the BBB banner on your website or other social media. BBB allows for customer reviews which will be read and trusted by potential customers.

  1. Business Owner’s Website

Yes, your company’s official website could be a good source of online reviews and customer testimonials. How to achieve this? You can include a widget that allows customers to leave reviews, comments, inquiries or suggestions. Feature these reviews prominently on your website for better visibility.

There you have it – five suggestions to help you improve your online reputation through strategic use of specific websites and search engines. If you choose to invest in 2, 3, or all five of the abovementioned sites, we believe your customer reviews will start impacting your company’s reputation and profitability for the better.

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