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Tips on how you can place bids for painting jobs


Commercial painting is likely to give you ongoing jobs. But, you must be fast and professional in your work. As a new contractor try to venture into this area of the painting business, it’s not easy.  You have to learn how to bid on house painting leads and increase your chances of getting that project.

Social Media Marketing

Today many people are using social media to look for painting contractors and also come back with reviews. You will see someone posting photos of their newly painted house and if you are on social media, they are likely to tag you. This is one of the best house painting leads as someone is happy with your work and prospective customers can see the photos of you meticulous painting. Make sure your business has a Facebook page where people can like and post pictures of their house after you have painted.  This is free so you need not worry about additional budgets. It is also possible to link the Facebook page to your website. This will enhance your online presence and give you good leads that can turn into a business.


Every painting business needs a website. There are affordable solutions out there to help you get a good website. People looking for painting services online will easily find your site if you use SEO to make it rank high in the search engines.  Search Engine Optimization helps your website appear on the first page of a search when someone is looking for painting services. Great SEO gives your website a big advantage over your competitors. In addition to SEO, make sure your website is attractive and impressive photos in your gallery combined with an enticing call to action. Though doing SEO is expensive, most SEO companies can guarantee you great results. However, you must be careful with some companies because they do the initial SEO and then stop leaving your website to get stale and you still pay them monthly. Research carefully and avoid dishonest people who can make you suffer huge losses.

Lead generation services

There are companies out there that provide leads at reasonable costs. To benefit from the leads, you have to act fast because there are people sent the same lead.  Between 3 and 6 painting contractors are sent one lead simultaneously. Some leads are also of low quality and so you need to know more about a company before you decide to work with them. However, there are some good ones that charge reasonably while working within the budget you give them.

When responding to leads, please remember not to promise something you cannot provide within the customer’s budget and deadline.  Reputation develops very fast in the painting industry and one mistake can cost you a lot. Always amend any mistakes and make sure every customer is fully satisfied.


3 easy ideas for more painting business


Making every dollar bring in more money into your business is essential for the growth of your investment. Though no advertising method guarantees high returns, it is imperative to set aside a marketing budget. Despite being a very important part of your business, you can have an unlimited budget. The whole process is not easy because even after you have planned and allocated funds for advertising your business, the implementation part faces numerous challenges.  The best thing is that new homeowners will look for a painter at some point and since they do not have much experience, make sure you are present in platforms where they most likely to search. There are also people who have had a bad experience with their previous painter, so advertise your business as much as you can. Here are three great ideas that will give you home painting leads.

Be a member of Chamber of Commerce

Painting businesses target local clientele in most cases. But that does not limit you from reaching far and wide for painting jobs. The Chamber of Commerce provides you with huge promotional and networking opportunities.  Their charges reasonable and they take your business name to areas where you cannot reach easily. There many people out there looking for painting services either new homeowners or some who wants to renovate their house. Chambers give you maximum exposure to various lucrative opportunities.

Social media

Social media marketing remains a great and cheap way to find home painting leads.  Yelp and Facebook are the main platforms to market your painting business. They increase the visibility of your page and it does not cost you anything to register. It is amazing how these two social media accounts can bring you huge business without spending even a single dime. Most prospective clients are likely to be searching on Yelp as they want to check reviews of your company. The Facebook page needs to be promoted by getting people to like your page.

Business Cards

Create business cards and even though you may be pressed financially make sure they are high quality.  Avoid going for low-quality cost-effective business cards as your cards will not convey a good impression. Also, most people pass business cards from one person to another and so if it’s not high quality; it may not stand the test of time.

A painting business can get to point where you may not struggle to get home painting leads. But, this takes time and investment. Make use of free advertising methods if you hard pressed financially and avoid relaxing at any point until your business has built a good reputation.


Five steps to help you win a big painting job


Every business can get an opportunity to enjoy golden opportunities. This is something that you may not be expecting, but it does happen. Your painting business is not an exception and when the opportunity arises, you need to know how to use it and gain more as a business owner.  Here are few steps to turn residential painting leads into a big job.

Calculate expenses

Most painters make a mistake of miscalculating the expenses of a project. You have been contacted for a residential paint project and they want a quote. You need to carefully calculate because a miscalculation can lead to a loss after you have completed the project. A job may look profitable but the moment you take a pen and a paper, that’s when you realize it’s going to be a costly affair.


Any homeowner will contact a number of painters for a quote and not just you. Try to know who your competitors are.  You can check the kind of people this client has worked with in the past. Some residential painting leads can translate into a big project.  So before you give a quote, check the likelihood of getting more work from the client; this is usually important for every business. Also get to know if the client pays his bills on time or you going to wait for weeks.

Demonstrate value

When seeking for a painting job show your value. It should be more than painting and low price. Most people are looking for value and are willing to pay a higher price for a residential painting. To get such lucrative opportunities; give extra services such as window cleaning or anything that your customer will think it’s a great deal combined with the painting project. Unlike commercial painting, this kind of painting is not price driven, so get to know the solution that you can offer to residential customers.

Look professional and experienced

When following up residential painting leads, you should always look professional. Avoid looking too broke. When giving a quote, write on a high-quality paper and be sure to have a folder or a binder. It makes you look organized and stable. People like working with experts who are already successful, so be sure to give a good impression.

Follow up

After you have given an estimate and your phone doesn’t ring, follow up. It doesn’t hurt to inquire the status of the job. Some clients will consider you for showing interest and assume the others are busy with other projects. Unless a client gives you a timeline, you can follow up in less than a week after contacting them. Residential painting leads need you to be aggressive, but the best thing is that most of them pay very well.

The easiest customer you can get is one that already knows your brand. Our services not only help you get new customers but help you market to your old customers more efficiently.

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