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Commercial Painting Leads

Commercial Painting Leads


Commercial painting leads to keep you painting business going on smoothly. However, it is almost impossible to find one source that will give you enough leads. The painting industry is competitive and it makes sense why you need to try different advertising and marketing strategies to help your business grow. Here are some of the leads that give you some high returns.

Classifieds online

The biggest classified website is Craigslist and the best thing about is that it’s free. This means there is a huge possibility of getting high returns. But, you must be ready to answer calls from people who are not serious and good clients all mixed up. This is a great deal if you are just starting because you will have plenty of time to talk and separate wheat and chaffs.

Visiting door to door

This is another lead that requires much of your time. You can generate leads by visiting one person to another and talk to them about your services. Since you can give an instant quote, you are very likely to find a project to work on. The only shortcoming of this marketing strategy is that some people do not like people invading their privacy in the name of advertising their new companies.


After completing a painting successfully, most clients will allow you to place your sign on their wall or lawn. You can also use a magnetic sign on your car. But, the downside of this lead is that people need to note your number or email somewhere so if they do not have a pen, you will not get a call from them.  However, it remains one of the most effective commercial painting leads

Email marketing

If you have been in the painting business for some time, you probably have a database of your past clients. It is always to keep a database of potential and current clients because you contact them now and then and end up getting a new project.  There are also people who have used your services and loved it but later forgot your name. Send them newsletters periodically and avoid becoming a nuisance. Include pictures of your latest projects, discounts and any special offers you may have. Maintaining an email list is not easy, but it’s free and always handy when looking for a quick way to build your painting business. You can make use of modern tools that have eased email marketing while ensuring that you do it in the right way.

Social media

Social media is used by millions of people daily and apart from having fun, they are also looking for different services including painting. You do not have to spend much time online for you to gain much success. Just create a page for your business on Facebook and invite your friends to like and leave a positive review. Happy clients will automatically leave you positive reviews and you will be reaping fruits of another one of the great commercial painting leads.


How to get leads for your painting business


When looking forward to running a successful painting business, you need to know how to get paint contractor leads. There is no way you are going to land on these big jobs unless you market your company. Even though doing a great job speaks volume about your expertise and it’s likely to bring you customers, there are people who may be in need of painting services, but have not seen your work.  So, you need to start marketing and reaching out to as many people as possible. The best thing is that there are easy and affordable marketing services to help you out.

Pay per lead

This is a company that offers marketing services by giving you leads. You simply sign up without creating a profile. Whenever some is looking for a painter in your location, you are sent a text with the customer’s contacts. Any small lead that is below $35 is free but their charges are reasonable.

Craft Jack

This service provider does not also require creating a profile. Just like Painter Choice, you sign up and they charge you depending on how many contractors are sent the lead. You are given a discount for calling the paint contractor leads in less than 30 minutes. However, the downside of Craft Jack is that you are not given the customer’s number; instead, you are sent a pin of 4 digits and you use it to connect with the customer.  Also, the lead may be sent up to four paint contractors.


This is the biggest pay per lead company and you can receive many paint contractor leads in a day. However, their charges are way too high for a new painting business. They charge between $45 and $75 per lead.  You are also not guaranteed quality leads and getting them to refund the leads is a problem. You can be very disappointed if you pay such high rate for a shitty lead and then have it sent to more than four people. With this service provider, you have to be extra careful.


This pay per lead service provider is a bit different.  You pay between $7 and $11 to send a quote to a customer requesting for one.  It’s the customer who contacts if they are interested with your quote. The company does not give you customer’s contacts, so you wait till the client gets back to you. It can be a bit frustrating due to customers who never respond and others with very low prices.


This is a review site where you have to get people to review you positively. As long as you have good reviews, you will receive many paint contractor leads. However, if you get one or two bad reviews, the leads will drop.

Better Bureau Business

This is a household name and customers recognize it. You pay $360 annually to be a member of BBB. There are paint customers looking for good painters via the website. You will get paint contractors leads and it’s worth investing in.


4 Great Ways for Contractors to Generate Leads


The old times when people used to place ads in phone books or use mail to market their business is gone. Today’s marketing world has been made easier by technology, but the old methods have proven hard to die. People are still using what may look like traditional methods to advertise their painting business. As a painter, you can use the following ways to generate leads for painting contractors. They include:

Using lead generation service providers

There are many companies offering pay per lead services. They include the homeadvisor.com, craftjack.com, angilist.com and many others. You can you use the search engines to look for the various lead generation companies and enjoy the benefits of having other people send you leads. The services are no free and charges vary from company to another.


You may be getting referrals, but not as many as you can receive if you give your previous customers some gifts or even cash offers.

Cold calling

Though no one loves knocking on people’s gates, it is a brilliant way to get leads. But, you can hire people to do the cold calling for you and still get leads for painting contractors. Though you meet many prospects who will ask questions and eventually fail to give you a job, there are some who will jump on board and hire you.

Yard Signs

Putting up a sign gets you customers very fast. The best place to place it is where you are working on a project.  People get to see the sign and you work at the same time. In addition, they can ask for an instant quote from you as you will be at the site working. This is traditional marketing method, but one of the best ways to get leads for painting contractors.

Google Places

If your business is not already online, list it on Google Places.  By doing this, customers can easily find your contacts and website. People like businesses that are easy to find, it’s a sign you are confident with your work and most leads that find you on Google Places are likely to give you work.

Google AdWords

Google Adwords is not easy to use and they also require a good budget. The ad campaign must be designed very well and also make sure your landing page is excellent.  People place bids and so Google Adwords is more like an auction where big companies are likely to win. So, while it may bring some leads for painting contractors, you have to spend money and be patient.

Choose what is likely to work for your painting business and get leads that will translate into jobs.

The easiest customer you can get is one that already knows your brand. Our services not only help you get new customers but help you market to your old customers more efficiently.

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