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4 Ways to Convert Painting Leads into Jobs


After placing an advert, you will start receiving emails and phone calls and even meet some people but after that all is quiet. This is a disappointing situation and you are left thinking maybe you were not convincing or you charged too high. All is not lost; you can still do something and convert the leads to into painting jobs. It is time to move past painting leads and start selling your painting job. It may sound like a drag and some very hard to do. What you need is master some skills by following proven guide that has been used by some of the most successful painting business owners.  Here are 4 ways that will help you smile all the way to the bank.

Developing Successful Pitches

Before you start marketing your business you must know what will make your business stand out among others. Come with a list of positive attributes, which you believe your company posses and explain each point with at least two sentences.  Take time to practice and know what to say when asked by customers about your services. For example, if one of your pitches is that you use high-quality paint, clients are likely to ask which quality. An answer like premium quality will definitely win customers, so do some practice and under your pitches well.

Be the salesperson who listens

Listening carefully to prospects is a sign that you want to give the best services. Avoid selling what you are not asked for because it puts off prospects. So give prices of what the clients ask for and sell the other things once you are hired.  Remember to address any concerns your prospect may have. People are different so while others are easy to convince, others will ask many questions. Keep it cool and give excellent answers and you will earn the project.

Be confident and honest

You are likely to answer yes to your prospect in most questions because you want the job. This is wrong if something is not possible to say no and give a short explanation.  Be confident and let your client know you are a professional painter so they cannot ask you do things that are not necessary. Only promise what you keep and you will have no problem doing the job.

If you find following painting leads, start slow with a very easy pitch. If you are caught off guard with a question, try the best way you can. But, be too hard on yourself is something irrelevant flies out of your mouth, you are allowed to make a mistake. After all, there many fishes in the water, keep fishing with your painting leads.


Free Painting Leads: How to Get Your First Jobs for Free


Running your own painting business means you become an entrepreneur. You make your income while enjoying your freedom to whatever you wish. Unlike an employed person, you can go on holiday anytime. But all that is not possible unless you have local painting leads that will bring your business. There are different ways to ensure that you get at least one lead per week. Some are free; others affordable while some are very costly. They include:

Door to door advertising

Instead of spending money creating flyers, go door to door. It’s free and you talk to people and answer their questions. Approach them professionally and offer a free estimate for a problem that you spot like peeling paint and that person is likely to contact you later for painting services.


Every job you are hired to do, turn it into several jobs. Start by doing a perfect job to impress that person who hired you and ask for permission to add a sign while working for them and after you are through with the job, talk to neighbors using the door to door sales pitch, but will be better because they can see the work you have just done.

Family and friends

Tell your family and friends about your painting business. Paint for them at a good discount and request each person to talk about your services to other people and also ask them to review you positively. Remember to take pictures of their painted houses to show to your future customers. This is one of the best local painting leads especially when you have good friends and supportive family.


In Craiglist, there are people looking for painters, contact them. This crazy idea can work but can bring you customers.  People are looking for painting services where you least expect them to do so.


Contact people who are like to give you painting work such as property agents, real estate managers, and roofing contractors.  They may be in need of a reliable painter. If not, they may tell you if they know someone looking for an estimate.

All the above local painting leads are free. However, you need to know that there is no guarantee that they will work for you. You must be aggressive because knocking strangers’ doors is not easy. Check what works for you and be ready to invest energy and your time. There are people looking for estimates and will never give you the job, but you need not worry about that.  Focus on the positive side.


Finding a Painting Job


Painters will change the interior or exterior of your home, offices, factories, offices, and stores and give it a fresh look. This industry is lucrative, but for you to start making money and having a good flow of customers, you need to market your business to get paint job leads. Most painters find work within their locality, but you can still work away from your city especially if you can handle big projects.  If you are just starting to take time to survey the market to learn what is likely to work for you best. Here are some ideas to help you get leads that can be turned into painting jobs.

Let your specialty be known

Though most painters choose to offer general services, you can focus on one area to give the best.  You can choose to paint commercials properties only or do the residential painting. Offer services that you are best in to help you stand out among hundreds of painters.

Property agencies

If want to get some regular jobs, talk to property agents. They always have some work because they need to maintain their client’s properties. Every time a tenant moves out, a house needs to be repainted and that means you could have monthly paying jobs if you get connected to a number of property agents.

Construction companies

Construction companies need a painter because a new building will need to be decorated after construction. These companies are hired to develop big buildings and need many painters to work for them.  Since they do not specialize in painting, your services are needed to give the building a perfect finish. Try to befriend many constructors and you will be assured of a painting job once their job is over.


Interior designers

Interior designers use color schemes for homes and offices. They hire painters to paint walls; so developing a relationship with interior designers. This one of the best paint job leads because you must get a job every project they are hired for.  You also get good credentials for working with them.

Private owners

Instead of working for commercial organizations on a contract, talk to private owners to get the job. But, they are not likely to give you continuous jobs. So if you want to work with private owners, get a big base of clients. Remember to request the homeowner to allow you a leave a signature with your contact. Some can even allow you to place signs and with time people will start contacting you.

Use all means possible to get paint job leads including classifieds, online directories, social media and many others. The most important thing is to make people contact you.  So use every channel that you can as long as it’s legitimate.

The easiest customer you can get is one that already knows your brand. Our services not only help you get new customers but help you market to your old customers more efficiently.

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