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Running a Successful Painting Business

6 Top Things You Need To Know To Run a Successful Painting Business


Seeing other people who started their own painting businesses doing well is great motivation. As long as you have experience, qualifications, and certifications in this industry, you can also become a proud owner of a painting company. It is so easy to say so, but there are many things needed in running a successful painting business. Here are seven tips that you must know to run a successful business despite being a seasoned painter.

You must work

You can spend time looking for advice on how to make your business successful, but the bottom line is you must work.  Your main focus must be about giving your customers quality services and make sure each of them is impressed and can happily refer another person to you.  Failing to work or giving below standard services will make people flee and avoid you like plague.

Every project should give you profits

As a new business owner, you may be tempted to take a low paying job to get a good rating and expand the brand. But avoid it. You have skills and ability that must be paid well according to your local charges. Let people know that you offer excellent services and cannot accept cheap contracts.

Every job speaks volume on talent and skills

Any job, whether small or big must reflect the best possible. Stay away from jobs that are different from your expertise. Take projects makes you stand out among other painters.

Make it up for every unhappy client

Though you may try to give your best, some clients may not be impressed. So if you realize one client is not happy with your performance, talk to them and see if it’s a problem that you can fix.  Take the whole thing positively as it will definitely lower your profits if you have to fix a job that was already done. Acquire better services knowledge from the experience and learn effective ways of running a successful painting business.

Be the best, not average painter when marketing your business

There are many painters in every city and competing with such high number of people might make you concentrate on the price mostly. But instead of trying to attract customers with low rates, charge your services in accordance with your skills and ability. Let your work attract customers despite your high rates and you will stand out in the competition.

Embrace technology

Technology will increase efficiency in your painting business. This is one of the best ways of running a successful painting business. Modernize your business and you will easily deliver excellent results. There are a hundred ways to use technology in painting business including digital tools, marketing tools, and many others.


Three amazing ways to keep your painting business active all year round


Painting business is not seasonal, but there are times when it becomes slower. Being an expert in painting is not all that you need to make your business grow and be busy throughout the year. It takes more than just using your brush because you need to reach out to people and impress them with your services. This is an art that every business owner needs to master if they want to engage clients and make profits even during the hardest seasons such as the winter.  If you are looking for ways how to grow a painting business, here are three points to use.

Manage the customer list effectively

Keeping track of your customers can help you make it in this industry as painting is a recurring business. Come up with things like a newsletter and always email or text them when you have a promotion. If a client is writing or calling to inquire, manage the relationship as you go through the process of sales and eventually make it a job.

Keep old clients updated with your latest services and any changes you may have done before they contact you again based on the old contact.  Make use of technology to accomplish customer management effectively. This will help you track and capture interactions with all prospective customers and existing customers.

Re-Engage your past clients

After managing the customer list, you need to make use of the contacts in your sales list as one way on how to grow a painting business. They include people who contacted you for business and you went through the whole process, but in later stages, they chose not hire you.  These are people who can help you a lot. Maybe you can convince them to hire you if they are still looking for painting services. If they already hire another painter, seek to know why you not the best for them. Customers who were on your sales pipeline will assist you in making different changes in your marketing strategies. Be positive and engage even with those who had no reason not to hire you and ask if they liked the outcome of the services provided to them.

Create engaging conversations

Engaging your clients and prospective customers is made much easier by technology.  You call, email or use a social media platform to start new and interesting conversations.  By getting these people to talk to you, you increase your chances of doing business with them. It is easy as painting projects will always come up at some point. Every building must be repainted after some time.

These three strategies are the easiest way on how to grow a painting business. Getting control over your sales is essential for business growth.

The easiest customer you can get is one that already knows your brand. Our services not only help you get new customers but help you market to your old customers more efficiently.

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