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Marketing Tips for Painters

5 Online Marketing Ideas for Painters


Now you have your painting company and ready to work. The painting industry is full of competition but you can expand your business using online marketing ideas for painting business. It is not any easy than other channels of advertising a painting business because there are also other painters looking for maximum exposure on the internet. So you find more competition while looking for a way to outstand among other businesses and reaching a big number of people. There is no one given the formula for succeeding online as a marketer. That’s why you have to try various marketing ideas until you know what works best for you. Here are 6 marketing ideas for a painting business.

Search Engine Optimization

Most people search for information on the internet. So you need to tap this market apart from listing with yellow pages, directories, and Yelp.  The most popular search engines include Bing, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and Google. SEO is an additional way to make your presence felt online. Concentrate on local SEO and be ready to invest some money and your name will be on the first page of searches when people go online to look for a painter in your city. It does require an expert if you do not understand the aspects and principles of SEO. An SEO service expert will keep your business visible online effortlessly, so hire one.

Create a catchy landing page

Online users are looking for something that has relevant information. So, a good landing page will make them interested and they will browse through your website to find all the information they need. This includes your expertise and testimonials left by other clients.  Create a landing page for each of the painting services that you are offering and always create a new one when you have any discounts or promotions to offer.

Indicate working hours, location and contacts on your website

This may seem like an obvious thing, but some website owners forget to leave their contacts. Indicate your workings hours and days because these are the most vital aspects of every business where you expect visitors to contact you.

Use call-only adverts

Call-adverts only are effective and likely to work for your painting company. Painting work needs customized marketing and works well because the call-ads address the customer directly. These ads can be placed using Google and Facebook.

Promote positive reviews from customers

After establishing an active presence for your business, customers will start leaving reviews. While you may feel the urgency to deal with negative reviews, do not forget the positive ones too.  Interact with your customers by engaging the positive reviews and it will increase your visibility. Giving a special offer or discount for customers who leave reviews online will also help and encourage your customers to submit positive ones.  


5 Marketing Ideas for Painters


Whether you are a commercial or residential painter the main goal is having a well laid out plan for your business. You have to spend time doing research and identifying your targeted audience. The painting industry is big with many types of services required. So select what you can do best and approach the people in that area.  Here are 5 marketing ideas for painters.

Target market

There is a lot that you need to know about your prospective customers.  Depending on which painting market you decide to venture into. In that particular market you will identify all the characteristics and traits that you can use to promote your business.


You are not the only one in the painting business, so you need to know your competitors.  Get to know the people who also provide similar services and learn what they have to offer for you to up your game.  You need to stand out in the pack by offering what others are providing in your city. Some of the things that you have check include their websites, advertising methods, and their telephone directory listings. Some of the things that may choose to include fast turnaround, satisfaction guarantee, and additional services to make your company unique.

Give information to your customers

A good website must provide credible information that people want to know about a painting contractor. A site allows you to give out a lot of information including photos, reviews, and testimonials from satisfied customers.  Give information about your experience in painting and anything that can convince customers to hire you. Include insurance and contractor’s license to let people know that your business is legit and that you are qualified for painting. If possible include a brochure outlining the services that your offer. The contacts page should also have a phone number or email address so that your prospective customers can get in touch with you fast.


Attracting customers is vital and the key to success in your painting business. Talk to your past clients and ask them to refer their friends. You can also start a networking platform and connect with businesses that can give your clients. They should not be in the painting business and include plumbers, real estate agencies, interiors designers, and electricians. Take time to meet these people and always learn about any project they are working on. Also, take advantage of local advertising publications and join homeowner association and other forms marketing media in your community.

These marketing ideas for painters are effective as long as you follow them continuously and with a lot of discipline. Even if an idea does not seem to give quick results, don’t give up until you know what works best for you.


3 Marketing Tips for a Small Business


People are always looking for painters to work for them. Since most landlords and homeowners are small scale, they are likely to hire a small painting business. But, how do they get to know about you? You have to budget for some marketing methods that will promote and give your services maximum exposure. A new coat of paint changes the way people view a building and in every few years, this service will be needed by someone who wants to keep the commercial building or home looking good.  Here are some marketing tips for painters.

Identify your targeted market

First things first; who do you want to reach out to? This will help you decide how to design your advert. You can decide if you want to paint homes or commercial buildings only. You can paint both depending on your painting skills.  There are some interesting niches that require special skills such as playrooms, nurseries, and children furniture painting. It becomes easier to reach your targeted audience and attracted clients. Other areas that you can specialize in include eco-friendly painting, faux painting, and decorative painting services.

Type of advertisement

There are different types of advertisements that you can use for your painting business.  While some are costly, others are free. Some of the easiest ways to market your services include placing brochures under the windshields of different cars in a public parking to target homeowners.

Using local newspapers, newsletters and magazines will also help you reach many people. Pay for advertising space in home repair publications, blogs and any email newsletter featuring interior design or real estate content.  Check for sites that allow advertisers to use videos, banners, and texts. Online radio stations are also one of the best marketing tips for painters especially those that have programs featuring home improvement topics.

In every community, they are business associations offering to advertise online via websites, emails, and directories.  In addition take advantage of free classified websites including Craiglist, Thumbtack, and Backpage. These are some of the places where you can market your painting business and expect some positive response.

Include testimonials

Satisfied customers are always brief unlike those who feel unsatisfied. Talk to customers who are happy with your work and ask them to leave you a good review and also write a testimonial. You can then use the testimonials on your website and adverts. A testimonial that focuses on your reliability, talent, keenness, friendly prices and good customer support will help you attract clients.


Make sure that each of your adverts includes all the important contact information. Your prospective customers will need your contact to reach you and schedule a meeting.  Give your website address where they can check your business performance and also see testimonials left by other customers.

The easiest customer you can get is one that already knows your brand. Our services not only help you get new customers but help you market to your old customers more efficiently.

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