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Marketing Ideas for Painting Contractors

Simple Ways to Market a Painting Contractor


A painting business will face challenges of finding customers just like any business out there. The market is big, but you need to reach out to people and advertise your services. This is the only way you can increase your profits. Paint contractor marketing does not have to be complicated; here are some simple ways that you can use.

Talking to people

This method of marketing is also referred to as word of mouth. It will not cost you even a single dime. It is effective and sustainable. Talk to people and especially your satisfied customers and ask them to refer others. It may sound too simple, but with time word will spread and you will be enjoying good business.


Every project that you have completed successfully should bring you another. You can give a gift to every customer who refers another. You can give them a gift like a subscription to one of your local popular magazines or a voucher for dinner. This simple way of enticing your customers to refer other will not make you broke, you will earn good money and the gesture of appreciation will help develop a nice relationship.

Market online

The internet offers a number of paint contractor marketing methods.  Create a website, include Google map for people to find you easily and use keywords to optimize it. It is not free but the returns are good.  You can also use social media platforms to reach potential customers.


Your car is a free moving billboard. Take advantage of that and use it to market your business. However, be sure to portray a good image by keeping your car clean all the time as it speaks volume about your business. Put your email or phone number and people can call you anytime they need painting services.

Keeping track of leads

Marketing requires you set aside a budget, but that is not the main challenge. The hardest thing is to understand whether you gaining or just spending money without any return value.  As a business owner, you must monitor every marketing activity and see what it brings back to the business. It is easy to get lost in the different marketing and fail to notice one that is consuming money without bringing any business.

Paint contractor marketing will help you reach many people and increase your business with time. This is what brings out the wealth that lies within your business. Without effective marketing, your painting business may not go far. Since some do not even cost anything, they are worth trying and with time, you will be laughing all the way to the bank.


Marketing Ideas for Painting Contractors


Starting a painting business may be dreams come true for you. At last, you become your own boss, but what next? How do you make sure you have a business and make profits?  You need to have some marketing ideas for painting contractors. While some are valid, some are not and may not give you desired results.  You need to do in-depth research, market reviews, and surveys. It is not easy to put your business out there and have sustainable results. Here are some marketing systems that you can use to implement your marketing ideas.

Marketing to your past customers

This is a marketing idea that most people tend to ignore. Thinking that your past customers will not need painting services from you is a big mistake.  Contacting them and updating them on any new services or promotions will help you create stability, equity, and predictability of your investment. Create campaigns with attractive discounts, but include a deadline and you will get some business in the process from your past clients.

Talk to referrals

Referrals are leads that you need to generate and make good sales. Since the painting industry is big and wide, you need to specialize and know your target market. This will make implementing marketing ideas for painting contractors easier and effective.  Follow up referrals for immediate sale and the referral stream will always be flowing.

Up your game in the estimate process

Most painting business owners are not aware how much the estimate process means to their business.  Price is not always the main key in the estimate process. The painting services are as sensitive as plastic surgery, only that the painting is done to your house. So this is a professional service just like accounting or legal services. Yet, many painters sell painting services with wimpy and weak emails that are not even sent on time. Ask yourself, how would it feel if a lawyer, accountant, surgeon or any service sent you a late and less convincing letter?  You definitely wouldn’t hire them and it’s the same thing that is making you lose business opportunities.

Look for repaint contracts

While most painters ignore repainting jobs, they are lucrative opportunities and especially commercial repainting. This is one of the most exciting marketing ideas for painting contractors because, in a way, it states that you pay bills with residential painting and thrive from commercial painting.  So call and email several facilities and ask the manager if they need a new look. Most of these companies have never received a call from a painter looking for a job, so they will be excited and most likely to hire you.

The secret on how to find excellent marketing ideas for painting contractors is getting a system that you can apply continually and can be integrated with your new ideas for continuous marketing.

The easiest customer you can get is one that already knows your brand. Our services not only help you get new customers but help you market to your old customers more efficiently.

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