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Marketing A Painting Business

5 Real Marketing Tips for Painting Business Owners


A painting business must be marketed and no matter how good your work is, you will not achieve your dream unless you have effective marketing strategies. There are different ways to help you maximize exposure of your brand.

Develop your brand

If you want to succeed in your painting business start developing your brand right from the first day. Think how you want to do this because there must be a way which you want clients and prospective customers to perceive your painting business. It is true you need a catchy logo design and a good name, but that is not enough. You need to have the right attitude and adopt your business philosophy to create a good reputation in your field. Strive to be the best by exceeding your customers’ expectations.

Choose your niche

Painting industry is wide and has of different services. Before you decide ways of marketing painting business, you need to choose your niche.  Check what you local community or market needs most. Scrutinize your competitors and know what is lacking in the market. Avoid being a jack of all trades. You can be either an interior or exterior painter. Customers looking for any of these services are likely to be demanding. The exterior ones may want some designs to attract attention while interior painting must be perfect.  But do not limit yourself, do the painting you are confident with and expand your business as much as you can. By selecting a niche, you will definitely excel.

Market Research

Research and identify the opportunities in your market. This means looking to know what your prospective customers want. Observe how they respond when you market your business to them. Chat with them and get to hear what has impressed them or disappointed them from other painters. Be positive; try to walk in their shoes without letting the criticism against painters get into you.


In every locality, there are people that can connect you with customers. A good example could be real estate agents, property developers, property management companies, home staging firms and interior decorators.

Advert campaigns

Advertising connects you with prospective clients. At first, you may not be sure what will work perfectly for you, so beginning by testing a number of advertising methods.  Some of the ways you can use is through brochures that include services offered and testimonials from past client. A website will also make your presence felt online and bring you business from corners of your city.

Marketing is not easy; people will dismiss and reject you. But, remain positive and with time, you brand will be a household name, which will translate big profits as time goes by.


5 Ways to Improve your Painting Business Sales


When marketing your business, you will never have enough of it. There are new similar businesses coming up every day, so you need to keep your painting business afloat. It does not much effort; all you need is to be keen. Apart from the mainstream marketing methods, there are others that you can use creatively and keep you at the top of your game.  They easy methods of marketing a painting business and they include:

Thank you Cards for you Customers

People all over the world like being appreciated, by sending thank you cards, they will be more than happy to keep hiring you and referring others.  It is a simple gesture, but an effective way to market your company.

Gift cards for people who refer customers

A painting business is one of the many ventures that benefit from referrals. If your customer refers another, take time to send them a gift card. They helped you earn thousands of dollars, so giving them a voucher for a dinner in a local restaurant would be a simple gesture to say thank you. By keeping your relationship sweet, you assured that more business will come your way. This is one the best ways of marketing a painting business that will give you desired results.

Send happy birthday wishes

Though most people will not speak out, their birthday is very important. So going out of your ways to remember you customer’s birthday will touch them. It will show how friendly you are and by taking advantage of this secret, you business will benefit a lot. Send all your customers birthday cards and you can watch as your sales soar. This technique has worked for many businesses and will benefit you too.

Offering extra services on top of the existing ones

If you run a painting business you can add services such as pressure washing, light carpentry, driveway sealing or window washing. These simple add-ons will definitely boost your services and you will no longer worry about very expensive marketing methods.

Giving a seasonal or monthly program to encourage loyalty

Having loyal customers will keep your sales flowing. A simple monthly or season program can boost your sales without costing you much. People need to repaint their houses now and then, so be on their list as the main painting firm to work for them.

Bottom line is to make people fall in love with your business and they automatically spread a word about your services. You may seem to spending on your customers, but the business they will send you will be worth much more. Be creative and you will improve sales effortlessly.


4 Cost effective Tips of Marketing your Painting Business


After opening a business and choosing a great name for it, it’s time to advertise it. Without a marketing strategy, your tools and materials will just lie there without giving you any profits.  For a business to thrive; this means getting customers to hire you. Though most people spend time worrying about their professional colors, logo or business name, the main idea behind a business is having customers who are ready to pay for your services. While marketing is likely to be expensive, there are some cost effective methods that will increase you sales within a short time.  This is how to market a painting business to market your venture online.

Facebook and Google sponsored ads

Facebook reaches millions of people everyday.  You can placed sponsored ads on Facebook and receive a good response. Google Adsense is also drive traffic to your website, which translate to a good number of conversions.  There are services that can help you make a free or cheap website that can still bring you profits. However to maximize your sales, make sure your website looks professional.

Amazon local/ Groupon

This is an offer that can increase your future sales. In the recent years, people have found group coupons easy to use online because it enables them to get instant discounts.  However, they must be controlled effectively to avoid major losses. Plan the offer carefully and seal all the loopholes that can lead to a huge loss and you will be laughing all the way to the bank once you understand this on how to market a painting business.

Making donations to schools and non-profit organizations

Giving your services to a local organization or institution for free will help you advertise for free.  On top of the cost effect advertising, you also enjoy tax deductions for the donation. Be sure to include your contacts in every signage. Ask for permission to display your sign and anyone passing by will see your brand.

Newspaper classifieds

This sounds old fashion in the modern era.  This forgotten advert medium is available online and still as effective as it used to be.  It is affordable unlike the local newspaper ads used traditionally. There many people looking for locally owned businesses and so are likely to call you and begin a sales process.

Whether your business is new or an existing one, marketing tips are always handy. There are many people out there looking for painting services. With affordable ways on how to market a painting business, you will for sure reap the fruits of you hard work.

Whether starting a new business or simply trying to add new customers to an existing business through new channels, advertising doesn’t have to break the bank to be effective.  There are dozens of ways to get your brand in front of potential new customers. Keep in mind that advertising is an investment and like any investment, it takes at least a little money to make money.  Once you have leads that convert to customers, make sure and do the best job possible to ensure they become a source of referrals and repeat business!

The easiest customer you can get is one that already knows your brand. Our services not only help you get new customers but help you market to your old customers more efficiently.

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