Where’s the money?

As a business owner, you are probably looking for sales leads – but maybe you are looking in the wrong places. In their search for new sales leads, many painters leave thousands of dollars on the table each month. This is because they are missing their greatest lead source that they have: their past customers.

Your list of past customers is an untapped gold mine! Here’s why:

  1. Your past customers have already proven they’re willing to purchase paint services for their home or business
  2. Your past customers already understand the value of what your company has to offer
  3. Your past customers already have a relationship with your company

Think about it: you worked hard to impress your customer and to ensure they were satisfied with your work. Now it’s time to capitalize on that! The probability of selling to a new prospect is somewhere between 5 and 20 percent. Compare that to the probability of selling to an existing customer: somewhere between 60 and 70 percent!

Have we been forgotten?

You might be thinking: well, if they were satisfied with our service, they will call us back the next time they need paint services, right?


If you are not proactively engaging your past customers, they will forget about you. They won’t be referring you to their friends, because they have long since forgotten who you are. The next time they need painting services, they will go to Google Search and they will give their money to someone else. People simply don’t remember the name of the company they worked with five years ago. You can’t sit back and hope that they remember you – you must reengage them.

How do we reconnect?

There are many ways to reconnect with past customers. One of the best ways is through a monthly newsletter. At Painter’s Marketing Pro, we recommend sending a newsletter via email each month. This allows you to remarket to your existing customer base and to reengage them with your company.

Why a newsletter?

A monthly newsletter is personal, affordable, and effective.

By their very nature, newsletters are perceived as personal – they are not perceived as advertising.

Furthermore, a monthly newsletter is the perfect marketing choice for a paint company that has a limited budget. Compared to television ads, radio ads, and even print ads, an email newsletter is the most economical option.

Lastly, a monthly newsletter is effective because keeps your company name in front of customers. It is a continual reminder of who you are and what you do. Because it occurs on a routine basis, your customer will see your name repeatedly. Your company name will be the first to pop into their head the next time they consider painting services.

What should this newsletter contain?

A monthly newsletter should be comprised of 90% informational content, and 10% marketing content.

If you are sending out marketing blasts every month, your customers will become disinterested. They will stop opening your emails altogether. However, when you are providing content that is interesting and relevant, your customers are more likely to open your email and to stay engaged. A well-crafted newsletter will connect and delight your customer and they will begin to anticipate your next monthly communication.

You should include articles that pertain directly to your industry: new trends in home décor, new colors of the year, home improvement ideas, etc. This keeps your industry relevant and whets your customers’ appetites to upgrade their own home or business.

Who should receive this newsletter?

Your newsletter should go out to all your past customers, so you’ll need to create a list. This may take time, but it is time well spent.

Once the list has been made, it must be maintained. Over time, some email addresses will drop while new addresses are added. In order to have the highest engagement possible, you can remove customers who have become disinterested. We recommend that any client who hasn’t opened five consecutive newsletters be unsubscribed from the list. Naturally, over time, people will unsubscribe from your newsletter – that is not a bad thing. You don’t want to forgo quality for quantity.

Free tip:

A great opportunity to collect an email address is at the time of scheduling an appointment. When you send an email to your customer confirming the appointment date and time, you can embed a link the customer would click to confirm the appointment. By clicking the link, their email address is automatically added to your list for the monthly newsletter.  We can also initiate a couple of follow up emails that builds your reputation with the client before you set foot in their home.  Ask us about this add-on service for your clients.

How can I pull this off?

This is where Painter’s Marketing Pro comes in. We can create your monthly newsletters and disperse them to your mailing list. We can help you maintain your mailing list for maximum effectiveness. We can report on the results of your newsletters (including open rate, click rate, which links are being opened and how often, etc).

Contact us today at [email protected] or visit our website www.paintersmarketingpro.com to view our services and begin your successful email marketing campaign today!

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