How to Find and Keep Good Workers

Among the most significant challenges as an owner of a painting business is acquiring and keeping good painters. Labor shortage is a constant hurdle that brings frustration and can be costly. How can you find and motivate good employees?

It has long been established that money isn’t the primary motivator for performance and longevity of an employee.

As a general rule, people expect to be paid a living wage. They expect to be paid fairly, not lavishly. Surely your employees would love a raise, but a paycheck will not be the decisive factor (research shows that it isn’t even at the top of the list).

Consider these factors to attract and keep a good staff:

  • Offer sufficient benefits. Perhaps you’re not providing benefits to your employees, but you should. Do research on attractive health insurance policies that include dental/vision. Offer paid vacation or maternity/paternity leave. These things can be great tactics to attract good workers.
  • Help your employees improve their skills and make themselves more marketable. Your employees want to feel that they are furthering their career by working for you. No one wants to remain stagnant; continuous improvement is a strong motivator.
  • Emphasize your company’s successes. No one wants to be employed by a company that is going nowhere. People want to be part of a promising endeavor; they want to be a proud of the company they work for. Share your successes and potential for growth with your staff and watch their excitement and loyalty grow.
  • Capitalize on your current employees because your current workforce is one of the best resources for recruitment of new employees. A happy employee will be glad to recommend you to friends and acquaintances.

You can overcome your labor shortage problem by being intentional in creating a culture that appeals to your workforce. Before you know it, potential painters will be sending their résumés to you and you will enjoy the advantages of running your company with a robust and content workforce.

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