Frequently Asked Questions

Should I start with the Newsletter first?
If you haven’t been in contact with your clients in a while we actually suggest you start with the Re-Engagement Campaign first.  This will remind your clients of who you are and will get leads right away.  It will also clean your list and get it ready for the Newsletter Campaign to start.
Do I need to submit articles for the newsletter?
No.  We hand select articles that will peak the interest in your clients.  We test our articles and find the ones that get the largest responses.
How many times can I run the Reviews Booster program?
You can run it as many times as you like.  We suggest to run it for Google Review first.  After that you can run it for Facebook Reviews and Yelp Reviews.  Before you run it for reviews on a site that you had previously used it for we would suggest you wait at least 6 months to grow your list first before running it again.
Can I cancel the newsletter at any time?
The newsletter is a month to month contract.  You can cancel at any time but remember, your clients will be looking forward to your next newsletter each month because we put together articles that pertain to the interest of your clients.
Can I give you email addresses to add to my list?
Absolutely!  You want to continue to build your list over time.  We suggest that for every estimate that you schedule that you request their email address to add to your list.  We can update your list at any time.

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