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Painting Advertising Flyers and Examples

7 Benefits of Using Advertising Flyers for a Painting Business


Flyers advertising are one of the most common ways used by people to promote their services and products. Your painting business can benefit a lot from flyers and you need not let this simple but effective chance bypass you. The only cost you have to incur is the creation of the flyers. Make sure your flyers are attractive by choosing beautiful hues. Here are some of the advantages of using painting advertising flyers.

Straightforward and easy to understand

Flyers are created in a simple way that makes them an effortless read. They contain few words that drive the point home very fat. You can also have an attractive image and a brief description of your services. But, above all, your contacts must stand out.

Quick results

You do not have to wait for long because people pick flyers and read them immediately. Anyone who is interested will contact the same day. So you start getting deals even before you finish the distribution.


It doesn’t matter how big you plan to spread your fliers, in most cases, they are passed from one person to another. This makes them least expensive. Unlike some advertising methods, painting advertising flyers does not require many months of planning. You can have them printed today and tomorrow you start giving them out.

Quick response

While giving out the flyers, you can converse with people and you get to know what they think about your business. They can tell you what they do not like about your service and you also get a chance to explain about your upgrades or changes that are underway.

Viral injectors

Flyers can easily create buzz and lead to a lot of business. Some local dailies can get interested in your business if your fliers are all over and that would be a golden opportunity for your business to reach many people.

Moral supporters

Flyers make your marketers feel lively. They can meet people and they will not have a dull moment. Giving out flyers is easy and most people are always eager to pick one and see what it is about. And when phone calls start coming, you and your group will proud of your work; it will give you the moral support of going out and give out more flyers and continue changing your business positively.

Very Effective

Since it involves a lot of interaction, it becomes easier publicize your business. You can sweet talk customers to hire you by explaining what you have to offer. You can give them a discount and advise them accordingly.


5 Modern Painting Advertising Methods


Advertising is compulsory in the business world. Your painting business is not an exception.  You must master the art of getting customers to buy your services. There are different painter advertising examples to help you boost sales. However, the modern advertising ideas are very innovative making the old methods look like a fading memory.  Say hello to the contemporary world of business where customers are attracted using witty and brilliant marketing methods. Most of these marketing ideas involve online marketing, but over time they have proven effective. They include:

Web banner

This is similar to the banner used on the roads and the main difference is that it is on the web. They are horizontal strips at the top of different web pages. They are made using JavaScript or images, or animation combined with multimedia objects. They are linked to your painting related web pages and help to drive traffic to your website.


This is one of the painter advertising examples that bring you customers who are ready to use your services. It is a method whereby a customer is convinced your painting services are best and everyone in your customer base only uses you as a painter. This makes a customer desire to use your services and enjoy some difference. So they get on your bandwagon and that is a sure lead. It can be used through electronic, broadcast or print media.

Endorsement and testimonials

There many big companies that bring a public figure or a celebrity to endorse their products or services. If you can get testimonials from well-known people in your society, you will advertise your business effectively. People, who have made to the top in every society, usually have a huge following and you will end getting a good chunk of customers from their fans.

Use of surrogate advertising

You can use things like umbrellas to advertise your business. Even though this method is mostly used by people selling products that have been banned from public advertising, you can use it to reach many customers.

Pixel advertising

This is one of the latest painter advertising examples. The total cost of every advert is determined by the total number of pixel occupied. It was used for the first time in 2005 by Alex Tew in his website the Million Dollar Homepage. He sold each pixel at $1 to people who wanted to advertise their products. It has now been possible for everyone to use pixel advertising because they have the pixel scripts. They are for people who know nothing about pixel ads. You can use it help you incorporate a pixel ad on your website.

These are just a few of the modern paint advertising examples.  You can try them and see which one works best for you.


5 Creative Ways to Advertise Painting Business


When advertising your painting business, some creativity will help you to stand out from your competitors. People use the same formula to catch the fish and it ends being less fruitful. There are different ways that will help you attract the attention of potential customers and turn into your clients. Here are 5 creative ways that will give many leads that can be translated into jobs.

Painted Flyers

Painting flyers is a creative way to show how good you are in your work. Come up with a customized flyer and use it to attract people to listen to what you have to say about your business. There are online websites where you can get good ideas that will lead people to your website. Make sure your contacts and website link stand out on the flyer.

Painting postcards

Without proper marketing, your business will not grow as much as you want it. People like marketing ideas that are not too serious. A painted postcard looks casual and beautiful at the same time; hence attracting attention from everyone.  Your way of advertising becomes memorable and many people will remember you many months later after you gave them your business card.

Door hangers

Create beautiful door hangers and target anyone. Even young people are potential homeowners and at some point, they will need some painting services. By painting, you make the hangers eye-catching and people will not want to ignore them.  This will help you reach out to people who have just moved into new houses or want change the look of their homes. Homeowners can also be convinced to make their homes look fresh depending on your sales language when they make that call. Using the painted car hangers, you reach homeowners, sellers, and buyers. Let your contacts stand out in the hanger and be sure to answer calls and emails on time.  Also, include your website link; it is easy just get started with cards and the next thing you will be working on projects.

Painting brochures

People have always used brochures to market their business. However, you can come up with beautifully designed colorful brochures. People are looking for professionals to change the feel of their homes. Start by giving them a brochure that feels a little different.

Business cards

Step in where DIY has failed completely. The skills of a painter cannot be compared with what a basic painter knows.  Create those meticulous business cards and distribute as much as you can. You will reach out to those who want to have a professional painter improved their interior or exterior.

The easiest customer you can get is one that already knows your brand. Our services not only help you get new customers but help you market to your old customers more efficiently.

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