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How To Advertise A Painting Business

6 Effective Ways to Advertise Your Painting Business


A strong marketing plan will take your business to the next level. There are many different ways to advertise your company because there many homeowners and property agents looking for painting service. To gain quick profits always try to use low-cost marketing plans that can bring you high returns. By doing this, you get enough cash to pay for other advertising strategies. Here are some of the best advertising painting business ideas.

Display signs

Every time you have a project, ask your client to allow you put up a display sign. This will attract neighbors and those passing by.  The client’s house will convince them to hire you if you have done a meticulous job. Include your contacts on the sign and especially your phone number.

Business cards and flyers

Leave business cards and flyers with a number of business owners in your local town. These should be areas where people are likely to seek items needed in building or renovating a building. You can also lend their business as they market yours.

Advertise locally

Check how much it will cost you to have a discount offer or a coupon for your business in your local phone service. They usually have a welcome packet for people who get new accounts and so they include your business name in the packet.

Google Adwords adverts also help you target your location. They are usually paid per click for the best results. Facebook is also another effective way to market especially when you want to target a certain geographical area.

Get your business listed

The local phone book is always a good way to get your name closer to people who likely to be looking for painting services.  It does not cost you much and the name remains there for a long time.


It may not be easy to place signs just anywhere, but you place them your car. A small one on the car’s door and it should have your phone number and business name.

Promotional items

Order different imprinted items from your local printer or any promotional company including notepads, pens, and calendars and give them out to people for free. The best place to this is in expos featuring architects, home improvement companies, landscapers, and constructors.  Here you are likely to get people interested in a painter. It may be a bit costly but will definitely bring some returns.


Create a Facebook page and ask your friends to like it. Share the page and post regularly with great tips on quality painting and some décor related images. If you are busy to write hire someone to do the work. You can also use other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter.


Great Advertisement Ideas for an Upcoming Painting Contractor


Building developers, homeowners, and real estate owners are always looking for painting services. But as an upcoming painting contractor, it’s a huge challenge to find these jobs.  You need to know how you can attract the attention of these prospects. You have to find painting contractor advertising methods that will not cost you much while bringing you some business.  Here are some easy ways to reach those clients and turn that call into a project.


When looking for an affordable way to advertise your painting services in your local home association or community, inserts will work perfectly.  They are placed in your association’s newsletter or construction magazines. The publisher will ask you to provide many printed flyers and they will distribute them with their daily, weekly or monthly editions.  They will charge you for that, but you can choose to target certain areas to lower the total costs. Target areas where there are old homes because they most likely to be repainted. Also, high-end neighborhoods are likely to look for interior and exterior painting regularly. These are exclusive homes that cannot afford to look faded and old.

You can also work closely with local companies that target the same market with you. Make sure they are non-competing and good examples include carpet cleaning services, house cleaning companies, floor installation services and many others.

Use the mail

You can mail flyers and postcards to specific zip codes where you are likely to find customers. The areas may need painting depending on their residence, age or income range. Use an enticing language and encourage them to respond by offering a freebie like a quote on their project, upgrade on paint or even a gift certificate if they hire you.

Door hangers

Door hangers are excellent in a neighborhood where you have done a painting job. Mention where you did the work and include your website link to allow interested people to see your past projects and also read testimonials. They also get to know about your painting skills and the kind of projects that you can handle. To attract people within a short time, including a discount with an expiration date. People will respond quickly and there you will be laughing all the way to the bank. It is an easy painting contractor advertising method but can bring you high returns.


If your company has any vehicles, be sure to include some display signs to catch people’s attention.  Both sides of the vehicle should have signs and train your staff especially the driver how to handle people requesting for information.  They should have flyers, business cards or brochures to give who are interested in your services. Always make sure your website link is there because that’s the place your prospects can find most of the information they want.


5 Affordable Advertising Ideas for your Painting Business


Advertising can cost you a fortune because most methods are costly. Even though it can bring your business, you need to explore other means if you do not have the money. There are several cheap painting advertising ideas that will help you painting business rise above all odds and enjoy good sales. Advertising is important if you want to increase your sales. If your small company has very minimal budget for marketing your services, the following ideas can be handy.

Word of mouth

This advertising method is free and it becomes easier if your work is excellent. A happy client can market you more than five of your marketers! They will recommend your services to their friends, colleagues, and family. You can also talk to people about your painting services, but mostly, do quality work and it will speak volumes about your services.


The internet has many useful resources that can help you in marketing your painting business. You can start by opening a social media account to help you maximize exposure of your services. The accounts are free and you open a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account. Post pictures and posts about your business and in the long run, you will reach several people looking for painting services. Join online forums and be sure to mention your business. You can also blog paint related content and it will bring you customers while costing you nothing. These online painting advertising ideas are usually free unless you want to use the paid ones.

Hire students to market for you

University students are always looking for part time jobs. Ask some of them if they would be interested in a marketing job.  Also, make sure you have business cards and flyers that they can distribute to you. They will not cost you like seasoned marketers and are still likely to bring you customers.


A website does not cost a fortune to create. Even an upcoming small business can afford to create one. A good website helps you post adverts and send emails to people on your mailing list. Create your marketing email as it is more convincing than a personal email. Spend time emailing potential customers with details of all the services you are offering.


You can us classifieds in local magazines and newspapers.  The paid adverts are affordable and reach thousands of people in a day. This increases your chances of getting your services noticed.

These paint advertising ideas are cheap, but will still bring your business. Do not just sit and let your business go down because you do not have a big budget to market your services.


5 Amazing Ways to Advertise a Painting Business


A painting business will earn you good profits if you advertise your services effectively. This industry has a lot of competition, so you need to promote your business very well for you to capture a share of the market.  Painting business advertising can be costly, but it indispensable and all you can do is to look for free means of advertisement or low-cost ones. Here are some of the ways to advertise your painting services.


A website helps you show people your painting skills in a big way. You can display photos of your previous projects. If you are new in the business, pain your friends and family’s homes to get beautiful images for your website. Make sure you have an option that allows people to upload pictures of their homes so that you can give them ideas on colors to use. Let every visitor know that you use high-quality paint and about any discounts that you may offer.  Also, if you can find testimonials, please add them to your site. You need all you can to give your business credibility.


There are a number of listings that can help advertise a painting business. You will find online directories including Google maps, local Yahoo, and many others. Also, do not ignore listing with Better Business Bureau; it gives your business high credibility especially if you can get a few people to rate it.


Networking is also good for business advertising, but you must connect with the right people. For example, real estate brokers or agents have contacts of people who are likely to paint houses. Property managers are also likely to have painting jobs because they have to keep houses good to track tenants.  Talk to the store owner where you buy paint and ask them to market your business for you. They deal with people buying paint and building materials and can always give them your brochure or business card in case they do not have a painter.

Social media

Social media platforms remain some of the most effective painting business advertising methods. There are millions of people using these networks daily. Facebook is a good example and you can pay for ads and post them here. Remember to have a Facebook page for your business because the advert will lead them here.  Ask your customers for permission to use their homes or buildings for promotional purposes.

Discounts and offers

Give irresistible offers, discounts, coupons, gift certificates and many others to catch the attention of customers. You can also give a free quote to all customers that approach looking for painting services. Be creative in marketing your business and within no time, you will be reaping the benefits.

The easiest customer you can get is one that already knows your brand. Our services not only help you get new customers but help you market to your old customers more efficiently.

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