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I started a painting company in 2002 with the idea of becoming the best in my area.  I had big dreams and a lot of ideas.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that getting new clients costs quite a bit of money.  I was also losing jobs to the low-bid contractor.  I didn’t think I could compete with them.  Then I started to rethink my marketing strategy.  I looked at my stats from past sold jobs and realized that my closing rate for past clients was around 60%-70%.  How could I leverage my past clients?

That’s when I started my monthly email newsletter.  I started to see that for a low cost I could easily re-engage my past clients.  Every time I ran the newsletter I would get leads for new work and even referrals!  I started to discover other ways I could leverage new marketing systems.  One thing that I knew I needed was more reviews on Google.  I read a stat from 2014 that said 88% of people read online reviews, so I developed my Reviews Booster program. I received 30 online reviews the first time I ran it!

Then I decided that I needed to capitalize on my sales leads by closing more jobs for more money. My experience over the years told me that most homeowners call at least 2 different painting companies. I needed a way to differentiate myself from my competition. This is what inspired my Scheduled Estimate Warm Up Campaign.  This campaign allowed me to confirm an appointment with my clients while adding them on my monthly email newsletter.  After their email was captured, I had automated follow-up emails that highlighted my online reviews, my different services, and my commitment to quality. Customers would receive this before I even showed up to do the estimate. I found that I was pre-selling to my clients and upselling on other painting work that I offered.

As the owner of a painting company, I know the struggles we face in our business. But marketing shouldn’t have to be one of them.  I’ve developed a couple more marketing systems along the way and can attest that they work.  I’m now ready to share with all of you the secrets that have propelled my painting business to the top.  Increase your closing rate and become more lucrative with my system, and never worry about your marketing again!

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